Get HDD serial numbers on remote computers

Use this simple script against a csv file to pull serial numbers on remote computers. The script assumes the user have the appropriate level of access on the remote computers in order to query WMI remotely.

Copy and paste this into a file and name it: Get-HDSerial.ps1

$Computerobjects = Import-CSV c:\temp\importdatalist.csv
ForEach ($computerobject in $computerobjects)
write-host $Computerobject
Get-WmiObject win32_diskdrive -ComputerName $computerobject | select model, serialnumber

Create a new csv file and name it “importdatalist.csv” and place it in your c:\temp directory

put a list of names on computers you need to query against in the list. One line for each computer.






Now, open powershell and run that Get-HDSerial.ps1

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