Thoughts on career

When I first began my career in 2005, I was desperate to get into IT after spending 6 years in the Navy. It was tough breaking into the field. I was working toward my MCSA at the time. I eventually received an interview nearby where I was living at the time. The job was for an IT specialist/Admin. The interview went fine until the last person came in and told me the position requires that I acquire both the MCSA and MCSE out of my pocket with no company reimbursement or training, it also requires that I am to be the telecom person, work on data entry for the finance department, and last but not least, fetch coffee/lunch for the Execs when they need it. The job offered $12/hr.

I politely turned down the job and thanked him for his time. I was desperate for a job in a field that I was (and still am) passionate about, not because I can’t find a job and don’t know my worth. Two months later I started a help desk position at a much higher rate with opportunities for promotions.

That day I learned my first management lessons: treat your employees fairly, look after them, provide coaching and training, set and define clear goals and expectations, and hire people to work in the areas they are strongest.

Moral of the story: know your worth, understand your field and the market. Don’t make rash decisions when you’re desperate, and take your time to find the right position that will fit your needs and passion. Job hunting is a two ways street. Both you and the employers are looking for the right fit.

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