Exchange SP1 – Previously install failed

If you ran an Exchange SP1 install and it failed, once you recovered from the setup /m:recoverserve switch (see my previous blog on how to do this), you may run into this error when trying to re-run SP1 setup again:

” Some controls aren’t valid. Setup previously failed while performing the action “Install”. You can’t resume setup by performaing the action “BuildToBuildUpgrade”.”

It seems that setup thinks that setup never completed. The soluion to this is to delete the registry keys. Open up Registry Editor, and navigate to:


Here you will see different roles, inspect every single once and locate the reg keys below to delete. For us it was under CAS and Hub roles.

The keys to delete are: Action and Watermark.

Make sure you export the keys for back up before deleting them. Once you delete the keys, setup should continue.

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