Exchange 2007 Diagnostic Logging Tool

I found this GUI tool that would allow me to enable, disable or change the different types of logging for Exchange 2007. The tool will display ALL servers in your  Exchange Organization including those that are in the DMZ such as the Edge Server and the different types of logging.

Once you have selected a server in your Exchange Organization you will notice that the list of categories of logging type changes depending on the different roles was installed on each of the selected servers. For example, below is a screens hot of an Edge Transport Server:

As you can see, there are 5 different levels of logging in Exchange 2007 going from Lowest to Expert. As with any type of logging, the more logging you enable the more information you have at hand to troubleshoot. However, higher logging also means slower performance due to the extra information that the server has to handle (e.g. higher CPU, RAM, and Disk usage).

In case you’re wondering if there’s a way to do this in powershell then the answer is YES. The application was written in C# and basically call the same command in Powershell to extract and enter data into a powershell. The powershell command for viewing and changing log levels are:get-eventloglevel and set-eventloglevel.

The GUI is a standalone executable, meaning it does not needed to be installed. The only requirement is that it will only run on a computer/server that have Exchange installed on it.

Credit for this application goes to Randy Topken, a Microsoft Exchange and Outlook engineer
Link to Randy’s Blog site:

Link to the GUI download:

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