Quarantine fitness 03MAY2020

Day 1 of 100 burpees a day: I’m desperately trying to figure out a way to let off some steams. Before the quarantine, the gym was my outlet. Whether if it was a good weight workout or cardio on the heavy bags, it served as a balance for my mental, psychological and emotional outlet for everything else. It’s been a tough 6 weeks, and I’m not referring to isolation or being alone. The deployments in the Navy trained me for that. It’s the inability to train hard that’s getting to me. I tried running, but running can only do so much as my plantar faciitis is acting up again. Even with the newly fitted insoles, I cannot go further than 2 miles and I know I should be doing 6 to 8.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, as they always say. Starting 03MAY2020, Im going to start a new challenge: 100 burpees a day.

Knowing myself, I will probably push past the 100 in a week. But the goal is 100 a day + my 22 pushups challenge.

Hooooyaaaah Navy!

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